12. mai 2020
Quality performance is often associated with defect rates. However, the impacts on the company's operations are often neglected or misunderstood. Here are some figures...

01. mai 2020
Many companies have encountered or are still encountering a lot of difficulties in implementing Lean Management. One of the success factors is certainly to consider Lean Management as a process approach.

17. avril 2020
Beaucoup d’entreprises françaises cherchent à améliorer leur compétitivité de manière à pouvoir produire sur le sol français et à rester compétitives à l’international. La mise en place du Lean Management dans l’entreprise peut être un des facteurs clés de réussite.

15. mars 2020
Something that needs a solution Can be either positive or negative Frequencies : Chronic : On going and Accepted problems Spasmodic : sudden change to normal process

23. février 2020
Generic competitive question valid for any industry, any service company, any process : What is the customer prepared to pay for as part of the Market Price?

13. février 2020
The general principle is that each element must be given equal focus to gain maximum leverage Projects Success Metrics must include all 3 elements Bias will cause strain Good coaches will check on all 3 elements Outcomes must be defined in terms of success for all three elements

11. janvier 2020
Definition of a typical process : “A structured set of (VA) activities that transform a set of inputs into specified outputs to provide value to customers and stakeholders“

19. décembre 2019
What is a A3 Report ? A process used to document and report solutions to problems established within any area of the organisation. This differs from other types of report in the way that all information is disclosed on an A3 sheet. Data being: Aim Objectives Methodology Result Post result analysis Learning points

06. décembre 2019
These 20 key leadership behaviours defines the top 20 benchmarked characteristics that companies require to stay flexible and adaptive : 1) Clean and tidy: Everywhere and all of the time 2) Participative management style : Working with all people to engage their minds and hearts into their work as well as their hands. 3)Teamwork on improvement : Focused on teamwork to involve everyone in enthusiastic improvements. 4) Reduced inventory and lead time : Addressing overproduction and reducing costs...

24. novembre 2019
When a company looks at itself, it tends to see core functions and specialised activities : Companies are normally structured hierarchically, with each area having its own functional responsibilities : Variants and hybrids occur Geographical Product Customer segment

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