Lean A3 Reports benefits, example and template

What is a A3 Report ? 

A process used to document and report solutions to problems established within any area of the organisation.  This differs from other types of report in the way that all information is disclosed on an A3 sheet.

Data being:

  • Aim
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Result
  • Post result analysis
  • Learning points
A3 report example atemi consulting consultant lean management
A3 report example
  • A3 Reports offer a simple and structured approach to reporting solutions to problems.
  • A3 Reports are particularly effective in demonstrating to third parties  the development stages of a fault, in reaching a solution.
  • A3 Reports reveal the actions taken, or to be taken, in eradicating faults.
  • A3 Reports reflect the benefits of implementing a particular methods to a problem, with the provision of justification.
  • Essentially, A3 Reports leads to the identification & elimination of waste, in order to control processes

A3 reports benefits :

  • Helps define a standard for all to use.
  • Provides a clear and concise method of reporting information.
  • Method of operation is visible and accessible to all.
  • Can promote communication, and team working.
  • Leads to reduction of waste.
  • A continuous improvement activity.
  • Creates efficient working environment. 
A3 report template

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